All roads lead to rum!

A true heritage of the island since the 17th century, rum reveals a certain art of living and a history that is inseparable from Martinique's agricultural life. From the cultivation of sugar cane, an ancestral know-how is extracted that the main distilleries of the island like to transmit.

The history of its production is an enchantment for the lovers of the precious elixir: cutting of sugar canes, crushing, fermentation, distillation, blending and ageing. White, amber or old, all colours suit it perfectly and its reputation is well established worldwide. It has often been awarded prizes and prizes for its taste and is the only one to have the AOC "agricultural rum".

All around the island, there are a few essential distilleries, including Saint James, Clément housethe Neisson Distillery, Depaz Rum, Distillery JMPlantation Trois Rivières. An essential experience on any trip to Martinique, it is also the key ingredient in the emblematic Ti'Punch, a local cocktail combining white rum, brown sugar and lime slices. Beware of those who commit the unheard-of sacrilege of serving it on the rocks!

You can also accompany one of our local specialities served in our restaurant Lili at the Lagoon a cocktail with or without alcohol.