The most frequently asked questions

When you stay at the Villas du Lagon, you can enjoy a wide range of activities, such as the many beaches with turquoise waters, cultural visits, trips out to sea or individual sports.

The Villas du Lagon are accessible by boat via a private pontoon with prior permission only. Access to the pontoon is permitted for droping off and picking up passengers. Vessels are not allowed to moor there.

The Villas du Lagon boast a wide range of services. The reception and our multilingual staff welcome you every day from 10 am to 8 pm. We also offer our customers luggage storage, a concierge service, airport transfers and a dry-cleaning service.

The apartments boast numerous facilities. Top-of-the-range bedding, individual air conditioning, hairdryer, iron and ironing board, safe, desk, espresso machine, kitchenette, balcony or terrace, cot and accessories on request.

The Villas du Lagon does not have a Kid's Club.

People who like to play sports are welcome at the Villas du Lagon; the following are available: cardio training, tennis, kite surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking and snorkelling.

The Villas du Lagon has a beach restaurant - Lili au Lagon - which is open from Wednesday to Sunday for lunch and dinner.

The Villas du Lagon has free, secure parking.

Our teams can arrange a private taxi transfer for our clients. The cost of this service is covered by the client.

Our teams speak several languages: English, French, Spanish and Creole.

The various tourist sites on the island - such as the Baignoire de Joséphine, the islets of François and Robert - are accessible by boat. The other tourist sites are accessible by car.