Martinique's gastronomy, a journey to the heart of the products

Although Martinique's gastronomy draws its refined know-how from France, Creole flavours are above all the heritage of Asian, European and African influences. Martinique's culinary specialities reflect the island's history over the centuries, between immigration, colonialism, slavery and Caribbean traditions... Get ready to embark on a fresh and colourful Creole gourmet escapade.

During your next holiday in Martinique, whether you prefer fish or meat, you will find your happiness in the wealth of local products that are showcased at the heart of the island's lively and friendly markets. Stroll around and lose yourself in all these local markets which are full of local produce and West Indian culinary specialities.

Let yourself be tempted by these exotic fruit juices (carambola, mango, passion fruit, Cytherean plum, etc.) served in barracks or at the counter of beach bars... an explosion of flavours! In the evening, in the light of the setting sun, enjoy the smell of grilled fish and shellfish along the seashore or taste the traditional "colombo de cabri" sitting in a luxuriant garden.

For a complete Martinique gourmet experience, The Slave Savannah is a must-see visit that will immerse you in the lifestyle of yesteryear, from which the dishes of yesteryear originated. The traditional Caribbean cuisine is made of exotic, balanced and tasty products, which will offer you unforgettable Creole culinary memories.

Discover our beach restaurant Lili at the Lagoon which offers a Caribbean cuisine based on local products, French soil and world flavours.

Dish of the Martinique gastronomy