Nature getaway in Martinique, the flower of the Caribbean

Known as Madinina, the island of flowers, Martinique offers lush vegetation for the delight of nature lovers. With a Regional Natural Park occupying 2/3 of its territory, Martinique is one of the world's 35 biodiversity hotspots and is committed to the preservation of its natural heritage.

Whether tropical, semi-humid or dry, Martinique's forests reveal their beauty in breathtaking natural environments. The flora dresses the island with its flamboyant colours among its orchids, balisiers, frangipani trees and hibiscus with divine fragrances. A veritable Garden of Eden, the island of Martinique is dotted with parks, flower gardens, vegetable gardens and arboretums that express its agricultural potential and Creole influences.

As for the fauna, a few emblematic species fly over the island with splendour, including the hummingbird, the sugarcane, the yellow-legged thrush and the red partridge. The Lesser Antillean Iguana is nestled in this green environment and benefits from the island's sunny climate.

From the top of the unmissable Mount PeleeWhether you're walking in the mangrove swamps of Martinique, in the heart of the paradisiacal Caravelle reserve or strolling through the island's exotic gardens, there are countless activities to enjoy Martinique's unique beauty.

During your stay in the Villas du LagonTake the opportunity to discover all the natural beauty of Martinique.