5 leisure and water sports in Martinique

Do you dream of experiencing thrills through water sports for your next holiday? In Martinique, you have an appointment with escape thanks to multiple water sports activities that cannot be ignored. With its incredible flora and fauna as well as its magnificent beaches, the Flower Island will give you unique water sports experiences!

Beaches, waterfalls and mangroves: All the facets of the sea

Bordered by the Caribbean Sea to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east, this little paradise on earth is enveloped by the sea. With its fascinating mangroves, beautiful beaches, unspoilt waterfalls and rivers, Martinique is the perfect place to enjoy the water during your holiday. Nature lovers, cross the mangrove in a pirogue and marvel at the colourful fish between the roots of the mangroves... It's time to explore Martinique!

Diving or snorkeling, initiation on the beach

With a single stroke of the palm or a boat ride on the sea, Martinique reveals its incredible natural diversity! The Pointe de la Baleine, the Trois-Îlets, the Grande Caye, on all the island's coral reefs, admire the underwater fauna and flora during an excursion snorkeling. Also, some passionate teams will take you further out to sea for an unforgettable scuba diving experience. Sea turtles, rays, gorgonians, lobsters and maybe even dolphins.

Kite, surf, windsurf: a water sports paradise

For thrill-seekers and water sports enthusiasts, Martinique offers unique spots for thrilling on the water by the beach. All year round you can enjoy kite-surfing and windsurfing thanks to the favourable climatic conditions and the numerous bodies of water. And for the big thrill? Water-skiing, jet-skiing, parasailing and fly-boarding are extremely popular in Martinique, both for regulars and travellers.

Tour de la Martinique des Yoles Rondes, the tradition

More of a traditional water-based leisure activity than a real water sport, the initiation to the Yole promises to provide unique sensations! This Martinique sailing boat, which is found nowhere else, is one of the most traditional sporting events on the island. For more than 30 years, the Tour de la Martinique des Yoles Rondes, originally intended for fishing, now competes all year round on the various waterways. A must-see!

Sea fishing for enthusiasts

Martinique is an unmissable destination for fishing and marine wildlife enthusiasts. Blue marlin, sailfish or dolphinfish are species to be discovered in the waters of the Caribbean Sea. Fishing enthusiasts, experienced or novice, take to the sea on the most beautiful big game fishing spots, on board powerful sport fishing boats. You will be fascinated by the richness of our marine life!

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