Trough the artistic culture of Martinique

Rich in Amerindian, African and European influences, set out on a journey through the artistic and cultural heritage of Martinique.

Indissociable from Martinique's culture, music and dance enliven the hearts of locals and travellers alike. If the musical heritage is well anchored, each generation enriches it with new influences... After the biguine, influenced by New Orleans jazz, Martinique has known Zouk, Ragga, and now Dance hall, particularly appreciated by the current generations.

Celebrating traditional festivals is the ideal opportunity to discover the warmth, the joy of living and the hospitality of the Martinique people. The famous Chanté Noël, Easter and its traditional Matoutou de crabe, the gathering of the yole-rondes... In Martinique, each event invites you to laugh, dance, sing and share.

Expected by all, the Carnival in Martinique is one of the most emblematic events on the island.
A highlight of the local culture, this colourful spectacle is a must if you want to travel in February. In order to take full advantage of these festivities, the local population almost stops working to attend the parades and enjoy the magical atmosphere that permeates the place. And we understand them...

And how can we talk about artistic heritage without mentioning the traditional Martinique costume! With its embroidered fabrics and its typical headdress, it dazzles, impresses and seduces... Did you know that the number of points on the headdress symbolises the "amorous disposition" of the young lady? A forçat chain, a choux or "gros syrup" necklace, a "wasp's nest" brooch and imposing gold jewellery typical of the Creoles complete this majestic costume.

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